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End-users now have the opportunity to dramatically reduce on-site printing costs, saving money on toner cartridges when utilizing a longer cartridge life with high quality printing. Extended yield means more prints for less money. For example, the patented EY3 for the Lexmark Optra S printer series provides a compatible toner solution with up to 25,000 pages per cartridge, a huge increase over the OEM high yield of 17,600 pages. The EY3 brand toner truly delivers Extraordinary quality, Extra page yield, through Engineered technology (EY3).

The EY3 provides more pages, resulting in less cartridges shipped, less warehouse and handling, and less waste. The implications are tremendous. With EY3, you immediately lower the hard cost per page by comparison. A simple cost per page analysis demonstrates the cost advantage of EY3 cartridges. However, there are other soft-cost savings due to higher yield:

  • Save administrative ordering time through lower frequency.
  • Save operational, end-user time with fewer empty cartridge replacements.
  • Save warehouse space by storing fewer new and empty cartridges.
  • Save invoicing and accounting time for less units shipped/purchased.
  • Save defect time, fewer potential defect cartridges for the same amount of pages printed.

The EY3 cartridges for the Lexmark Optra S printer series guarantees a 42% increase* in the number of pages from the user’s current high yield toner cartridge. In the Optra T series, the EY3 provides a 30% increase in page yield. And our newest addition, the T630 cartridge, offers an outstanding 52% increase in page yield. And as always, we support a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all ECO Elite toner cartridges.

*Increased page yield verified by the Rochester Institute of Technology. These EY3 RIT reports are available for your review. Click on the report links below to view the PDF document in Acrobat Reader.

replacement toner cartridge Optra S 25,000 page Cartridge RIT Test Results
lexmark compatible ink manufacturer Optra T 32,000 page Cartridge RIT Test Results
lexmark compatible ink cartridge T630 32,000 page Cartridge RIT Test Results

EY3 is a registered trademark of ELT, Inc.

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