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Many ECO Elite Canon/HP type cartridges are built with a special SEAL INSERTION technology. Our engineering team is convinced it is advantageous not to split the virgin* core toner hopper when possible. The industry standard is to split the hopper section in half with a blade or machine, apply a seal, and then clip the cartridge halves back together. Instead, by not splitting the hopper and keeping the components in one piece, the core cannot lose alignment and will not have any problems being reassembled properly.

Continually researching and benchmarking the industry allowed the ECO Elite engineering group to acquire and utilize the cryotherm seal insertion system. This patented technology allows a plastic seal to be reinserted through the original OEM seal opening. This avoids having to cut apart the hopper to insert the seal. The seal utilizes cryotherm technology and, once inserted, is placed on a transformer which secures the seal into place with heated adhesive.

After the seal is installed, the seal integrity is tested with an air pressure guage to verify a perfect seal. This ensure that no toner will leak out of the seal after the hopper is refilled with toner.

The investment in this technology and machinery is well justified by the level of quality we can guarantee. By using cryotherm seal insertion technology, we can ensure that our eligible ECO Elite toner cartridges are sealed in the most advanced way available in the industry today.


*Virgin cores are defined in the industry as used/empty OEM cartridges that have never been remanufactured.   about us      products      warranty      partners      buy eco      contacts  
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